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Kyoto Rikyuen Will Release Fate/Grand Order Tea Blends

Kyoto Rikyuen announced it will release three original tea blends based on Fate/Grand Order. The behind-the-scenes lore for the teas is that Sen no Rikyu produced the teas, which draw inspiration from Ashiya Douman, Katsushika Hokusai, and Morgan le Fay. The teas will all cost 7,700 JPY ($52.15) and they’ll come in a special box with the character on the sleeve.

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Pre-orders for the Fate/Grand Order tea will last until October 10, 2023. They’ll ship out starting from December 2023. The boxes will come with two teas: the signature character tea and a basic black hojicha. The Ashiya Douman tea is a hojicha with burdock in it while the Hokusai tea is a konbu one. This is a reference to the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji painting, which also serves as her Noble Phantasm. Finally, the Morgan tea is an apple tea blended into a Japanese black tea.

Lasengle first revealed the Kyoto Rikyuen and Fate/Grand Order tea blends during Kyomafu 2023. Aside from tea leaves, there will also be merchandise of Ashiya Douman, Hokuai, and Morgan. During Kyomafu 2023, Lasengle also announced a playable version of Wandjina, who will be the star of the limited Wandjina World Tour event.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. You can purchase the Kyoto Rikyuen Fate/Grand Order teas via the company’s official site, which does not natively offer international shipping. The Wandjina World Tour event will start from September 20, 2023, which will also be Wandjina’s playable debut.

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