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Land of No Night Shows Off Arnath’s Wicked “Nightmare Form”



We’ve already seen some of Land of No Night protagonist’s various transformations that she’ll use to take on the evil Jayou anemies in her quest to save her friend and the night, and the latest one shown by 4Gamer looks like it could easily be a new fan-favorite.



Arnath’s Nightmare Form is definitely one of her more unique transformations, which shows giant wings and an overall intimidating aura to it.



The Nightmare Form is likely going to be one of the more powerful ones, as you’ll need to meet special requirements just to be able to use it.



This form’s attack is said to excel at power, range, and speed, making it one with basically no weaknesses. While in this form, Arnath doesn’t even flinch when taking damage from the enemies.



All of Arnath’s transformations provide buffs or benefits to her demon subordinate Servans, and this one also provides a similar effect for her underlings by allowing them to go into battle without getting daunted by enemy attacks.



Land of No Night will release in Japan on September 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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