Lapis Re:Lights Magical Idol Game Pre-Registration Opens

Lapis Re:Lights

KLab and Kadokawa Games began the Japanese pre-registration campaign for Lapis Re:Lights, a new mixed-media project centered around an idol-themed mobile RPG. The main twist in this particular project is that “In this world, Idols can use magic.” [Thanks, Dengeki!]

The announcement came with a promotional trailer focused on the characters and groups that will be found in Lapis Re:Lights.

The Lapis Re:Lights trailer opens with the basic premise of the game. Flora Girls’ Academy is a school in another world where young ladies study and compete to become the “Top Witch.” To do that, they’ll need to master the arts of song and sorcery. The player is a newly appointed teacher at Flora, whose task is to train and mentor the aspiring idols in their quest to reach the top.

Several different idol/witch units are teased in the trailer, with a total initial cast of twenty characters. The groups are called LiGHTs, Iv Klore, Kono Hana wa Otome (“This Flower is a Maiden”), Sugar Pockets, Sadistic Candy, and Supernova. The groups will make up the initial roster of playable characters in Lapis Re:Lights, and they’ll use their powers against the Magical Monsters, a group of baddies threatening the peace.

The official Youtube channel for the game contains various other videos, including gameplay footage and teasers of the Live2D-style animated art to be found on the character cards.

Here’s a trailer from December 2020 teasing a bit of combat gameplay.

Lapis Re:Lights is open for pre-registration in Japan for Android and iOS devices. No overseas releases have been announced as of yet. KLab also manages games like Bleach: Brave Souls

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