Latest Gods Eater Burst DLC Introduces A New Aragami: Ravana

April 14th in Japan will see the release of another add-on data pack for Gods Eater Burst. In terms of missions, the Version 1.4 data pack will add a new Aragami, named Ravana, two new missions, as well as three extra challenge missions and new outfit colours to the mix.


First up, here’s a look at Ravana:



Naturally, defeating Ravana will let you create a new weapon. Take a look at the melee, gun and shield forms:



The other Aragami sharing the spotlight in the Version 1.4 data pack is Kongou:



D3 say that in order to take on the challenge missions, you’ll need to have a progression level of at least 75. One of these is amusingly titled “Humpty Dumpty”.



And finally, we come to new outfit colour variations:



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