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Latest Triangle Strategy Character Trailer Stars Benedict Pascal

Latest Triangle Strategy Character Trailer Stars Benedict Pascal

Another Triangle Strategy character is getting his moment. Nintendo and Square Enix started a series of trailers focusing on members of the cast. In the newest one, people can learn more about Benedict Pascal, one of the people dedicated to House Wolffort.

The video begins with a hint at Benedict’s past. An event scene refers to what he’s about to do as “revenge against myself for being so powerless.” Apparently, his “incompetence” caused something terrible to happen. After that, it mentions how he’s the steward for the Wolffort family. He’s dedicated to Serenoa’s success. Later in the video, gameplay with Benedict shows up. With that, there’s a hint about what the future could hold for him.

However, before that, the video looks at some other Triangle Strategy characters. Serenoa’s father Symon is introduced. So are the other high house leaders Landroi Falkes and Silvio Telliore. After that, the House Wolffort members Anna Pascal and Serenoa show up. (Anna is a spy and may be related to Benedict, due to them sharing a last name.)

This is part of a series of Triangle Strategy character trailers. The first one looked at Roland Glenbrook. After that, one appeared for Frederica Aesfrost. In the past, protagonist Serenoa Wolffort appeared as a focus in a general story trailer.

Triangle Strategy will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.

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