The rumor about Sega and Platinum Games linking up seems more and more true. Leaked shaky-cam videos for Bayonetta and Mad World have been removed “due to a copyright claim by Sega of America.” Since Sega pulled the videos they’re pretty much confirming their involvement with Platinum Games.


Here’s the trailer for Mad World, a grusome looking Nintendo Wii game. It’s being hosted on YouTube so it can be pulled at any moment.



And this is Bayonetta, a PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 game.




A few weeks ago we discovered Sega trademarked Bayonetta, Mad World and The Ritualist. I wasn’t aware what they were going to be used for then, but two of them are probably for the related titles from Platinum Games. Could the Ritualist be another Platinum Games project?


Images courtesy of Platinum Games.

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