Learn About Honkai Impact 3rd Flame Chaser Kalpas’ Fury and Frenzy

Learn About Honkai Impact 3rd Flame Chaser Kalpas’ Fury and Frenzy

At the end of March 2022, miHoYo went over all 13 Flame-Chasers in Honkai Impact 3rd and named each member of the group. Pictures of each one and their rank, given to them by Elysia, appeared. Now, there are details about a specific one folks can face in-game. The latest reveal went over how the Flame-Chaser Kalpas will react when encountered in Honkai Impact 3rd’s Elysian Realm.

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers about Honkai Impact 3rd, the Flame-Chaser MANTIS project, and Kalpas below.

In terms of ranking, Kalpas is the sixth Flame-Chaser. This is due to his personality and not his power levels. He’s known for being sadistic, violent, and even in some ways uncontrollable. This shows in his moveset in-game. Reaching him also references him. He’s known as the sixth one, Decimation, and one of the stages needed to encounter him is Decimation, a Devouring Burn. The other key to encountering him on the 17th floor is Sequence: Dangerous in Shallow Sequence or Deep Sequence.

The Flame-Chaser Kalpas has two forms in Honkai Impact 3rd. The Normal Form is the less complicated and dangerous of the two. It involves his fiery attacks, like his bringing up waves of flames or calling down his Trailing Comets attack.

However, his Asura Honkai genes come through in his second Active Honkai Reaction Form. This also is tied to his established chaotic personality. If you attack him or he attacks you, his Fury level will increase. Before he’s in a Frenzy, you just have to deal with him spawning and using fiery Pillars of Oblivion when he attacks. Once he is in a Frenzy, he will start using Calamity attacks that deal damage and throw a player. However, someone can counter by evading and waiting for him to calm down, using Rime Trauma, or using certain attacks like a throw.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for PCs and mobile devices.

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