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Learn About Hu Tao’s Attacks in the New Genshin Impact Trailer

hu tao attacks

Yet another Hu Tao trailer appeared on the day of her Genshin Impact debut, and it focuses on attacks. Dainsleif is here once again to narrate the new Collected Miscellany. In it, people get a focused look at her moveset and analysis of her kit. The goal is to offer ideas for using her or possible Hu Tao builds.

Things kick off by mentioning her high risk, high reward behavior. Like Xiao, there is an HP-draining element to her moveset to power up her attacks. So while her normal and charged attacks won’t steal away her own life, the Elemental Skill Guide to Afterlife will. It triggers Paramita Papilo for her, increasing attack based on her maximum health, dealing Pyro damage with attacks, and inflicting Blood Blossom on enemies to deal continual damage like a burn. When you have the Flutter By passive, it will also increase everyone’s rate of critical attacks briefly after Hu Tao used Guide to the Afterlife. Her Sanguine Rouge passive also increases her Pyro damage when her health is below half. 

One of the Hu Tao attacks does restore her health, though. The Elemental Burst Spirit Soother is shown at the 3:12 mark. It deals Pyro damage to enemies around her and, when it does, also restores her health when it hits. At the 3:32 point, Dainsleif explained that this can also scale to show how having lower health when she uses Spirit Soother can both hurt enemies more and do more healing.

Just be careful when she cooks. She has a chance of also receiving a Suspicious item even when you get a perfect item.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices. It will come to the Switch. The Hu Tao banner will be available March 2-16, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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