Learn How To Wield A Spear Into Capcom’s PS4 Game, Deep Down

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deep down is Capcom’s next-gen PlayStation 4 online multiplayer action dungeoneering title, and Famitsu got some hands-on time with the game. Deep Down is set in the far flung 2094 in New York. You are a “Raven”, one who can read and access memories, thrusting you into various pasts and eras to explore.

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The demo at Tokyo Game Show is a pre-made dungeon, with two choices of characters who both wielded spears. One of the main monsters players encounter during the demo are orc-like Hogs waving around huge swords.


With combat so hectic, getting to the right skill and magic item is vital. The up/down buttons on the directional pad control skills, activated by hitting the triangle button. Magic items use the left/right directional controls to select, before players have to hold down the square key and then trigger the R1 or R2 shoulder buttons. Those two buttons control the strength of all attacks – R1 for weak attacks and R2 for stronger ones.



Holding L1 will make players walk, useful if you don’t want to run headfirst into traps or to bait foes into an attack. The L2 key will bring up a selection for players to equip or swap weapons. This won’t pause the game though and it’s possible to attack straight away while drawing a weapon from the pack. Finally, the new touch screen on the DualShock controllers will bring up the map of the area. The left thumbstick controls movement and the right the player’s aim.


Famitsu’s breakdown of their short time with the game was generally positive. The writer found himself facing off against those huge orc-like Hogs in the first picture, but timely jabs with his spear pushed the creature off-balance for a quick felling. Magical attacks seem pretty powerful too, with a Flaming Arrow more than capable of taking down the Hogs to near-death for a quick cleanup after.



deep down is in development for the Sony PlayStation 4.

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