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Leave A Trail Of Bodies Across A Kingdom In Villainous Shmup Black Bird


Black Bird casts the player as a living natural disaster, one where they control a giant bird as it blasts the people of an odd kingdom, leaving bodies littering the environments as they go.

BB_screenshot birdAndGem

Players will have a great deal of freedom to move in Black Bird, able to whip back and forth in all directions as needed to blast the fleeing inhabitants or avoid their various attempts to fight back. As they manage to land multiple kills in a row, they will steadily grow in power, shifting into five different forms that will let them wreck further havoc on the kingdom, as well as unleash attacks that can strike down multiple opponents in a row. With each kill, bodies will continue to pile up in the environments, making for a macabre reminder of your successes.

As gruesome as the concept may sound, the game is another title from Yoshiro Kimura, developer of lighthearted, humorous games like Chulip and Million Onion Hotel. Players can expect a similar silly humor injected into this game in its own way, as well as some surprising appearances of characters from Million Onion Hotel.

BB_screenshot boss

Black Bird is slated to release this Summer.

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