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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II Reintroduces Us To Two Key Characters



The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II takes place after the events of the first game, and several key characters from the previous game, like Tovar and Claire, will be returning with different roles. The official website updates us with another pair of characters, who’ll have bigger roles in the sequel.



Sara Valestin:


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Sara was once one of the youngest rank-A Bracer, who is also known as “Eclaire”. Currently, she’s the teacher of Class VII. She may come across as a knockout at first glance, but she’s actually got a habit of drinking during the day, and has a slovenly side to her private life.


Due to certain events, she was pressured by the prime minister into quitting her duties as a Bracer, and has since then become an instructor at Thors academy, which was looking for instructors at the time. This resulted in her eventually becoming the teacher who looks after Rean and the others of Class VII.


Crow Armbrust:

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In the first game, Crow was a senior of Rean and the others, and attended Thors Academy for two years. He got along with the student council president Towa, along with Angelica and George.


Due to having slacked off on a regular basis, he was at risk of having to repeat the school year, and was sent to Class VII as a way to bring his grades back up.


Crow is a frivolous young man, but he’s a reliable one, who was well accepted by Rean and the others. However… there’s was a little more to him than what meets the eye…


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II will be released on September 25, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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