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LEGO Super Mario Coming August 2020, Preorders Are Live Today

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LEGO Super Mario is upon us. This ambitious line of LEGO toys now has a release date, which comes straight from The LEGO Group via a press release. As of April 6, 2020, preorders are available for the first set, dubbed the LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Mario Starter Course. Fans looking to jump into this unique building toy will need to acquire this set to utilize all of the brand’s features, as there is a technological element connecting this set to upcoming expansion sets. This and more are set to release on August 1, 2020, including multiple expansion sets and a free app that adds even more functionality to these toys.

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The Adventures With Mario Starter Course includes everything LEGO enthusiasts will need to use the whole LEGO Super Mario line. It comes with the Super Mario piece, along with seven “action bricks” that fuel the unique interactivity of these toys. Mario himself is the most tricked-out LEGO figure in the world, featuring multiple LCD screens, a speaker, and tech that makes him react to certain movements, colors, and the action bricks.

Alongside the preorder for the Starter Course, The LEGO Group also announced a few of the expansion sets. Those are the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set and the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set. All of the sets are modular, meaning they’re designed for free-form building rather than a single-purpose blueprint design. After all, the goal here is for players to create their own Super Mario levels, collect coins, do the flag pole slide thing, and fight baddies like Goombas and Bowser Jr.

Facilitating these activities is a free app, which will be launching alongside everything else on August 1, 2020. The app helps with “progression,” keeping track of scores players get as they finish their “levels.” The app also provides building ideas, as well as tools players can use to plan out their levels before they start connecting pieces.

While you can only preorder the Starter Course right now, prices for it and the two Expansion Sets have been announced as well. The Starter Course will cost $59.99, the Piranha Plant Power Slide set will cost $29.99, and the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle set will cost $99.99.

For details on how and where to preorder, and other marketing-adjacent content, LEGO Super Mario has its own website.

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