LeSportsac Will Release Pokemon Bags Focusing on Pikachu

LeSportsac Pokemon bags

Pokemon and LeSportsac will collaborate on a series of Pokemon-inspired bags and pouches. The collection will appear for a limited time in pop-up stores between November 17 to November 23, 2021 in Japan. These dates may change in the future. LeSportsac will also hold a live-stream on November 16, 2021 to discuss and show off the Pokemon products. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Aside from merely appearing as a pattern, some of the bags will feature Pikachu’s tail as a zipper charm. Said bags also are metallic gold in color, which makes it look a little bit more like you are carrying around a Pikachu. Other Pokemon that appear are Piplup and Gengar, though they’re only featured on the pouches. They also appear in the pattern of the Pokemon & Flowers collection, alongside Pokemon like Eevee, Snorlax, and Psyduck.

The full list of merchandise that will appear in the Pokemon x LeSportsac collaboration, as well as prices, is:

  • Gold Pikachu tote (15,400 JPY)
  • Gold Pikachu cross-body bag (18,700 JPY)
  • Pokemon & Flowers everyday bag (22,000 JPY)
  • Pokemon & Flowers cosmetics bag (3,850 JPY)
  • Pokemon & Flowers mini cross-body bag (7,150 JPY)
  • Pikachu Monogram deluxe tote (11,550 JPY)
  • Pikachu Monogram wristlet wallet (11,880 JPY)
  • Pikachu Monogram Daniella cross-body (9,900 JPY)
  • Pikachu Monogram tote (12,100 JPY)
  • 3 Pokemon pouches (8,800 JPY)
  • Pokemon pink pouch (5,280 JPY)
  • Pokemon purple pouch (5,280 JPY)

Additionally, if you spend more than 17,000 JPY on LeSportsac x Pokemon items during the collaboration period, you can get a free bandana. It depicts numerous Pikachus and Poke Balls on a black and white pattern. They will offer the bandana while supplies last.

The Pokemon and LeSportsac collaboration will start from November 17, 2021 and will be available in pop-up stores in Japan. Pikachu isn’t the only Pokemon getting attention lately. Vulpix has also been in the news with the Rokon Jet and manhole covers in Hokkaido designed after it.

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