Level 5 Comcept’s Dragon & Colonies Revamped To eSports Theme, New Story


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We reported back in August that Keiji Inafune-produced smartphone title Dragon & Colonies was taken down for a game-wide revamp, including its story and world, and over the weekend Level-5 Comcept revealed that the game is now set in a digital world of avatars and eSports, and more.


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The previous version of the game, is now retconned as a popular eSports title in a near future version of Earth. Protagonist Yuuto Ryuuzaki wants to debut as a pro gamer, and alongside his AI unit Hero Alfred, aims to become the best player ever.


One day, it’s revealed at a party held by the company that runs Dragon & Colonies that the AI units actually are based on the player’s DNA. Furthermore, unknown forces have led to units created from terrorist DNA to enter the game. Yuuto and his friends are thrust into a game that will determine the fate of the world.



Yuuto Ryuuzaki (CV: Yuki Kaji) & Hero Alfred

Eri Hikawa (Ayana Taketatsu) & Queen Elzera

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Kaiya Kurotsuki (CV: Natsuki Hanae) & Black Knight Kyle

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The game will also see various improvements and new features, including expanded social functions. For example, previously you were only limited to fighting random players or NPCs, but now you can also fight friends in friendly matches.

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The previous adventure maps will be categorized as ‘Adventure Area Mode’, while the story will be designated as ‘Scenario Mode’.


Finally, here’s a look at the latest trailer for the game’s revamp, which comes with a new theme song, ‘Tetra Hope’ by Vocaloid creator DECO*27:


Dragon & Colonies was released on iOS and Android, but will be unavailable from August 27, 2019 to October 2019.

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