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Level-5 Drops Megaton Musashi Bombshell Trailer

Megaton Musashi

Yo-kai Watch and Professor Layton creator Level-5 detailed Megaton Musashi, their original mecha action game. Revealed during the Level-5 special presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online, the game will put players in control of a squad of “Megaton Problem Kids” piloting massive robots. Their goal? To take Earth back from the aliens that have colonized it.

Check out the first Megaton Musashi trailer below:

The game’s visuals strongly evoke retro giant robot anime, with the titular “Musashi” mecha looking a bit like a cross between Tetsujin 28 and the Big O or Giant Robo. The story of Megaton Musashi takes place in the year 2118 after aliens have destroyed most of Earth’s population and hollowed the whole planet out, placing their nest in the center. The survivors huddle in “Shelter” communities, and in Ixia Shelter, people live everyday lives; their memories of the disaster erased. That is until five chosen kids rise to pilot massive mechanical “Rogues” and take on the alien menace.

Megaton Musashi is a 3D action game, with combat taking place in the third-person. Players pilot the Rogues and deploy special equipment and abilities to defeat similarly massive alien enemies. Story scenes play out in a 2D side-scrolling format, with manga-style cutouts and speech bubbles.

Players will be able to pilot several Rogue units and customize the units to their liking. Rogues can swap and upgrade parts, equipment, and even weapons to change their playstyles or improve their capabilities.

Level-5 didn’t announce a release date for Megaton Musashi, but did reaffirm that the game was in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Earlier reports suggested the game was in development for Android and iOS, but that information has since been removed.

Megaton Musashi is also accompanied by a large multimedia push. Weekly Shonen JUMP will run a collaboration, Bandai will produce toys, and both web and broadcast anime series are planned for release in mid-2021.

Megaton Musashi is due for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. Check out our previous report on Megaton Musashi for more details about the game and its protagonists.

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