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Level-5 President & CEO Akihiro Hino Shares His List Of Top-5 PS4 Games



Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is known for working on series such as Yo-kai Watch, Ni no Kuni, and Inazuma Eleven these days, but before that he worked on games like Dark Cloud and Dragon Quest VIII. He’s always had a soft spot for RPG games and shows it in his personal top-5 list of favorite PS4 games he shared with PlayStation Blog.


Here are Hino-san’s top-5 PS4 games with a few comments from the Level-5 boss:


Assassin’s Creed: Origins


The way they went into detail creating the game made it very immersive, and there’s a great sense of adventure and exploration with how they hid various treasures within their open world. I enjoyed the previous series, but I felt this game brought a new sense of fun with its reinvented gameplay system.


Final Fantasy XIV


I’ve been playing the game ever since the services went up, and I’m sincerely amazed at how they were able to make the online game world so open and available for exploration. I also found it very interesting with how there are so many players shared videos to help navigate and give tips for playing the game.


Final Fantasy XV


The details they put into the visuals made it very stunning, and the game definitely pushed the envelope on their previous series by adding expansive maps and by making the game action intensive, which brought about a new layer of challenge.


Dragon Quest XI


I’m actually a die-hard fan of the Dragon Quest series, and I feel like this new entry brought about the sense of adventure they’re known for and expected of. Needless to say, I’m quite happy to see a lot of Dragon Quest fans and newcomers enjoying the game.


The Witcher 3 Complete Edition


Each and every one of the quests were well-designed, and they really put a lot of thought and effort to make the characters feel like actual people within the game.


You can check out Akihiro Hino’s top-5 picks over at the PlayStation Store.

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