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Life Is Strange Studio’s Next Game Turns You Into A Seductive Vampire



The studio behind Remember Me and Life is Strange, Dontnod, has unveiled its next game as an action-RPG called Vampyr. A concept teaser has been released and you can watch it above.


Vampyr is set in early 20th century London and has you playing as Jonathan E. Reid, who is a a high-ranking military surgeon who was transformed into a vampire by the diseases in the streets when he returned home.


With your vampiric powers you become available to fulfil a number of missions for people. You’ll hunt creatures, fouler humans, and will have to deal with vampire hunters who are after you with weapons, tools, and traps. Combat is a combination of “hard-hitting melee,” ranged with guns, and a range of vampiric powers.



About the vampiric powers, Dontnod says that using them “will drain your own blood, giving you an edge in battle but also leaving you weaker. You will have to find a way to feed during combat to replenish your strength.” And that brings us neatly on to feeding in the game.


As a vampire you’ll need to feed by drinking the blood of humans and that means carefully choosing your prey. All of the characters you meet and see wandering around the streets can be fed upon in Vampyr. But there are consequences for your choices as that person will die and never return if you feed from them. So if there’s someone who serves an important function for you then you may want to hold off from biting into their neck.


Once you’ve chosen your victim you then want to find a way to get to them without alerting others. You’re encouraged to study their habits, find out their relationships with other characters, and then perhaps seduce them, change their daily habits, or make sure they end up alone in a dark street.


Once you’ve got a corpse in Vampyr – whether from feeding or completing a mission – you’re able to loot it and get new materials to craft new tools and weapons, as well as coatings that can be used to exploit the weaknesses of your enemies.


That’s all that is known about the game for now. Vampyr should be out in 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Check out its website for updates.

Chris Priestman