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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lets You Target Enemies’ Body Parts


Square Enix have shared a new tidbit of information on the battle system in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.


In some of the game’s battles, you can destroy sections of your enemy, and if you succeed in disabling a certain part of their body, you’ll weaken them. Additionally, you’ll also gain different items as rewards upon winning the battle.


There’s also a new counterattack system in the game. By timing your counter perfectly with the enemy’s attack, you can negate it entirely and land a punishing blow yourself that has a chance of staggering your opponent. Using the counterattack, however, uses up a large portion of your ATB gauge. It also only works against physical attacks and won’t work on magic ones.


Alongside the info comes a new batch of screenshots, which you can view below.



Ishaan Sahdev
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