Nintendo Switch

Limited Run Games Says They’re Hoping To Have Their First Switch Title Out This Summer



Limited Run Games is known for bringing limited physical releases but they haven’t had the opportunity to release any Nintendo Switch games. Co-founder Douglas Bogart says they may have one by this summer. [Thanks, Gaming Trend.]


Here’s the bit from the interview with the co-founder:


Gaming Trend: The Nintendo Switch just came out earlier this month (as well as a Switch version of Battle Princess Madelyn available at a certain pledge level). Are you thinking of opening up the possibility for Switch LRG releases in the future?

Douglas Bogart: We are currently working on getting on the Nintendo Switch! It’s looking very positive and we hope to have our first title out this summer, fingers crossed!


Limited Run Games has expressed interest releasing games for Switch in the past, but they haven’t revealed any titles in particular as of yet, but it sounds like we may hear something about it sooner than later.