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Listen to the 3 Monster Hunter Rise Voice Acting Language Options

monster hunter rise voice acting languages

As with many entries in the Monster Hunter series, people will have multiple voice overs available. In Monster Hunter Rise, there are three voice acting language options players could use. Two are the more typical options, as they will allow people to hear characters speaking in English or Japanese. But Monster Hunter Rise also has Monster Hunter language that offers an original language too. Capcom shared a brief video that offered a better idea of how a player’s hunter and major character sound in both.

The clip isn’t too long, but it offers two examples of the Monster Hunter Rise voice acting options. First, we watch a hunter fight a Tetranadon. The person’s battle cries are in Japanese initially, before switching to English and Monster Hunter language.

After that, it jumps to Kamura Village NPCs. It starts with elder Fugen talking about the Rampage. We hear Hashi Takaya voice him in Japanese first. Then, we hear English voice actor Chris Tergliafera. Finally, the Monster Hunter Rise Monster Hunter language version jumps back to Takaya again. The portion after that has Hinoa’s voice actresses speaking both languages. Again, she’s voiced by Rina Sato in both Japanese and Monster Hunter language and Maureen Price in English.

Monster Hunter Rise will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021, and its demo will return on March 11, 2021. It will get free updates.

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