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Monster Hunter Rise First Gameplay Footage Highlights Combat and Palamute Functions

Monster Hunter Rise First Gameplay

Capcom revealed the first look at gameplay in Monster Hunter Rise during the second day of their Tokyo Game Show 2020 broadcast. Monster Hunter Rise will have new player actions, functions, and other features that you can read about in-depth below.

The wirebug allows for quick movement, and can be combined with your weapon for spectacular attacks. It increases your options, including mobility and pace during combat. You have two uses of the wirebug initially, and after these uses they will need to recharge to be used again. You can find wirebugs in the wild to increase your wirebug use, but the maximum amount is three. There is no fall damage in Monster Hunter Rise, but the wirebug can be used to land stylishly when jumping from high places.

A new “action slider” tab has been added to Rise to issue orders to the Palamute. This includes calling the Palamute to you or asking the Palamute to shake. And yes, you can pet the Palamute. The action slider can be used to select orders for the Palico as well. However, these are mostly just for fun.

You can also now bring two buddies into combat with you in single player—any combination of Palamutes and Palicos. Only one buddy can be brought with you into multiplayer, like old Monster Hunter games. You can use items while riding the Palamute, including restorative items.

In addition, old fan favorite monsters will be in Monster Hunter Rise. They will release more information on returning monsters in the future.

New side areas contain loads of endemic life for players to utilize, which includes buffs or items to assist you in combat against monsters. More information regarding the further uses of endemic life will be disclosed at a later date.

There are no paintballs in Monster Hunter Rise, similarly to Monster Hunter: World. Monsters will be displayed on the map, which is always visible via the left-hand corner of the screen. Unknown monsters will be displayed as question marks on the map.

Gameplay footage from the broadcast for Monster Hunter Rise included combat against the Tetranadon as well as a look at the counter attack provided by using the wirebug at appropriate times in combat. The Palico and Palamute joined the hunter during this broadcast, and the developers assured viewers that while the Palamute has health, they cannot die. Instead they will back off and heal before returning to combat. The Arzuros from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd also made a surprise appearance during the broadcast.

You can watch the full broadcast below. The gameplay footage begins at -46:00.

Monster Hunter Rise will come to the Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 26, 2021.

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