Little Armory to Release Resident Evil: Death Island Gun Replicas

Resident Evil Death Island gun replicas
Image via Capcom Twitter

Capcom will collaborate with Little Armory to create gun replicas from Resident Evil: Death Island. There is no information on when to expect them or how much they’ll cost. When they do come out though, you’ll be able to get replicas of the M60, AA12, and M870. These are the weapons that Chris, Leon, and Jill (respectively) will use in the movie.

The guns will be 1/12 scale, making them about palm-sized. While you will not be able to actually use them as props for a cosplay or anything, you can give them to action figures to hold. All three Resident Evil: Death Island gun replicas from Little Armory will be different types. For example, the M60 is a machine gun, whereas the AA12 is an automatic shotgun. Aside from gun replicas, Capcom will also collaborate with Astron to release Resident Evil: Death Island watches. These watches are the ones that Chris and Leon will wear in the film.

Resident Evil: Death Island is an upcoming CGI movie set in the game’s continuity. It’ll be a direct sequel to Resident Evil: Vendetta. Trailers for the film show the five main characters—Chris, Leon, Jill, Claire, and Rebecca—beating up zombies in Alcatraz.

Little Armory will release gun replicas from Resident Evil: Death Island sometime in the future. As of the time of writing, it is impossible to access the site to directly check for information from Little Armory.

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