Resident Evil Death Island Will Come Out in July 2023

resident evil death island

The new Resident Evil CGI movie, Resident Evil Death Island, will appear in theaters in Japan on July 7, 2023. There is a new trailer, as well as some screenshots, letting us see how familiar characters from the franchise will look like in the movie. In particular, the trailer is over two minutes long, and it shows the heroes shooting down zombies in Alcatraz Prison. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The story for Resident Evil Death Island will start with Leon chasing after an armed organization that kidnapped Antonio Taylor, who has knowledge on some classified information. However, a mysterious woman interferes during the chase and they escape. Meanwhile, Chris, Jill, and Rebecca of the BSAA are dealing with a zombie outbreak in the San Francisco. Claire and TerraSave figure out that the infectees all previously visited Alcatraz, and so the group decides to go and investigate.

The new character overview tweets also show how Rebecca and Claire look in the movie. There is also a short blurb introducing who each character is. As a reminder, this movie is a sequel to Resident Evil: Vendetta, which originally came out in 2017. It’s unclear if viewers will need knowledge of what happened in Vendetta in order to understand Death Island.

Resident Evil Death Island will come out on July 7, 2023. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be distributing it worldwide, excluding Japan.

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