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Little Dragons Café Explains How To Collect Recipes And Ingredients For Your Shop


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Little Dragons Café is set to open shop on August 30 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and Marvelous recently updated the official site to introduce how to get more recipes and ingredients, as well as introduce Rosetta and Poncho.


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There are a lot of wild, fresh ingredients out in the field. You can bring back wild birds, collect their eggs, pick fruit and vegetables, as well as fish in rivers.


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New recipes are gained by collecting all four pieces of them. After all four pieces are collected, you can go to the elder and learn how to make a new type of food.


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Apart from livestock, fruit, and vegetables, there are monsters on the field that you need to hunt to get some ingredients. However, they all behave differently, and some can only be defeated by your dragon.



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A girl who’s run away from her father, as she hates her father for being unable to stop her mother’s death. She thinks about everything in a negative way.



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A self-proclaimed hero who travels the world trying to be like the legendary hero. However, whenever he gets into a bad situation, he gets a stomachache and has to run off to the toilet. It’s quite cowardly, and it seems he knows this himself.


Little Dragons Cafe releases in Japan on August 30, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It has a late Summer 2018 window for North America and Europe.

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