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Little Town Hero Introduces Axe, Shipu, Nezu, And The Battle System


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Little Town Hero got a new trailer separate from its segment in the Nintendo Direct earlier this week, and a new press release reveals more about main character Axe, his childhood friends Shipu and Nezu, as well as the battle system. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


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The story revolves around the young boy Axe, who dreams about visiting the world outside his town. The townsfolk do not venture outside the town, as it is dangerous, but one day a large monster appears within the town. Thanks to the power of a mysterious rock that Axe finds in the coal mines in town, he becomes able to drive the monster off, and begins his journey of finding out the secret of his little town.

Music is composed by Toby Fox of Undertale fame, and arranged by Pokemon series veteran Hitomi Sato. The director of Little Town Hero is Pocket Card Jockey director Masao Taya.



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A young boy living in a small town. As he’s forbidden from leaving the town, he dreams of venturing outside and seeing the world. The stone in his left arm is a mysterious stone with the power to defeat monsters.


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Axe’s childhood friend. She often tells off Axe for his pranks, and when he goes too far.



nezu 1


Axe’s childhood friend. He’s usually playing pranks on others together with Axe, but is also dependable in a tight situation. Axe’s best friend.



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Battles proceed  by choosing ideas that pop up around Axe’s head. There is no one hand of ideas that will give a sure-win strategy in every situation. The game is about using these ideas, battle gimmicks from the area you’re in, and help from the townsfolk in order to win battles.


battles 2

After you choose an idea, you’ll use your idea to at the same time as the enemy. Take a close look at what options the enemy has before choosing your move.


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However, what’s important is not just yourself and the enemy, but also the various locations you can run to, which have different gimmicks and villagers to get help from.


Check out the new trailer below:


Little Town Hero will come to the Nintendo Switch on October 16, 2019.

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