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Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time’s Multiplayer Can Be Tricky To Find




Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a game that received a fairly substantial, free update after launch. Bandai Namco brought competitive and cooperative multiplayer into the game. It gives people an opportunity to work with three people online or against one person with a team of witches. While it does offer a chance of pace, it is not the best explained addition and takes a bit of work to find.


First, let’s go over how you get to multiplayer in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. There is no barrier you have to clear to go online. Once you have free reign of Akko after the group has found the Horologium Chamber and she has saved for the first time, you can go online. Unfortunately, the game never tells you this, so you only find this out if you are willing to explore.


lwa modes option


Finding the multiplayer modes is not too difficult. Once Akko leaves her room in the Dorms, head downstairs to the main portion of the school. You want to take the North Hallway to the Cafeteria Vestibule, then head to the School Grounds. After that, you will want to run to the left across the sports field until you get to the entrance to the Luna Nova Tower. Head down its Spiral Stairs until you reach the Underground. A large door will let you go to the Underground Labyrinth co-op or Phantom Mirror competitive modes.


Once you reach Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time’s Luna Nova Tower, you get two options. You can play offline or online in Underground Labyrinth or online with Phantom Mirror. Say you go into the Underground Labyrinth. You can see what Dungeon Level you have reached so far, see the dungeon requirements, set the challenge level (up to 999) and discover what kind of reward you can complete for different plateaus of the infinite dungeon. If you want to go through it alone, you can. If people nearby have controllers, they can quick pop in. Online, if you can actually manage to find people, it is similarly easy. Phantom Mirror can only be played that way, since you have your three party members and they face off one-on-one against the opposing player’s party.


lwa multiplayer


I played Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time locally only, because I had trouble finding anyone online to play either Underground Labyrinth or Phantom Mirror. I found Underground Labyrinth ended up resembling the recent Dragon’s Crown Pro a bit. Each person can take on a designated role, if they would like. The game is smooth, there is never too much action happening at once on the screen and I even felt like it was possible to take on more substantial challenges with lower level characters because people knew what they were doing and could contribute in a more meaningful way. I just wish Phantom Mirror had a similar option, because I could not find an opponent.


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is nice in that it offers these additional options to players. The Underground Labyrinth really shows how well it works with other people. It makes the dungeon crawling quite enjoyable. But, the game does not do a good job of telling you exactly how to access these extra features and make the most of them. Also, it can be quite difficult to find random online opponents. If all the stars do align, though, it does make things that might have gotten tedious in single-player fresh again.


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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