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London Detective Mysteria’s First Blog Post Explains How Xseed Picked Up Its First Otome




Xseed Games has officially opened a website for London Detective Mysteria, the Karin Entertainment otome visual novel. While it does all of the things you would expect from a game website, like introducing the characters and telling people about its story, it also features a development blog going into detail about the game’s localization. In the first entry, Xseed Localization Producer Brittany Avery explains how London Detective Mysteria ended up making its way outside of Japan.


It turns out, the groundwork was actually laid in 2013. Xseed was interested in the PlayStation Portable version of London Detective Mysteria and had Avery working on it at the time as her first title with the company. She began researching British English. Unfortunately, that project was put on hold and canceled, due to various issues and the decline of the PlayStation Portable.


Avery noted that the situation changed in November 2016. After one Xseed Games possible acquisition fell through, Avery reminded people at a company outing that London Detective Mysteria had launched on the PlayStation Vita in February 2016, with Karin Entertainment developing and self publishing it.


Here is what Avery had to say about the London Detective Mysteria PlayStation Vita version acquisition.

In my drunkenness, I joked about Mysteria. “Hey! You know the devs published it independently on Vita, right? Why not just e-mail them?”, and I guess my boss had a bit of a “You know what? Why not?,” attitude to him that night, so he allowed it. We suddenly had a large hole in next year’s plans, so what did we have to lose?

We emailed them through their website, and the devs amazingly got back to us in a half hour. Now we have a game to bring you on Vita and PC, complete with Japanese voice acting. No censorship—I don’t know why everyone always asks that, but no images were altered, no scenes were removed, etc. The game is rated M in North America because some characters swear a ton and, umm. It has Jack the Ripper in it, so take a wild guess.


London Detective Mysteria will come to the PlayStation Vita and PC digitally in North America, Europe, and Australia. No release date has been set yet.

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