Lost Ark and The Witcher Crossover Will Appear in January 2023

Lost Ark The Witcher

Developer Smilegate confirmed that The Witcher crossover event that appeared in the Korean release of Lost Ark will arrive in January 2023 in North America and Europe. The crossover event will see characters such as Triss and Yennifer appear in the game. Additionally, special cosmetics will be available to obtain through the in-game store. These will include character customization scars, emoji, unique Stronghold structures, and Cards.

Players will be island-bound for the upcoming The Witcher crossover event. It will feature a unique scenario during which a strange vortex has appeared, disrupting the island’s festivities. This will introduce the aforementioned characters into the world of Lost Ark.

In November 2022, Smilegate rolled out a massive update for Lost Ark. This included the introduction of the Reaper class. It is the third Assassin Advanced Class to appear inĀ Lost Ark. To celebrate the class appearing in the North American and European versions of the game, players can obtain a Punika Powerpass which can be redeemed until January 18, 2023. Additionally, several changes accompanied this update. One of which included a shift in how players can earn gold in the game.

Lost Ark is available on PCs, with The Witcher crossover event to appear in January 2023 for North America and Europe.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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