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Lost Dimension Introduces The Members Of S.E.A.L.E.D.



Lost Dimension’s antagonist, The End, wants to destroy the world, but he’ll give mankind a chance to save the planet and their lives by participating in a little game. The latest trailer shows us more on what Lost Dimension is about.


The End starts out by giving a short introduction and explains that the world will end in 13 days from a massive strike of missiles, but it can be prevented should anyone climb to the top and kill him.


We then get brief introductions of the character starting with the protagonist Sho Kasugai who has the gift of vision and the telepathic Heroine Yoko Tachibana. Following is Mana Kawai with the “Accelerate” Gift ability, and Marco Barbato with telekinesis powers.


Toya Orbert looks like he’ll put his attachment on his right arm to good use with his Magnetics Gift, alongside Nagi Shishioka who has the ability to levitate. And we’ve also seen Himeno Akatsuki blow things up with her Pyrokinesis Gift.


George Jackman sounds like he has an interesting Gift of “Psychometry” that allows him to take power from objects. Meanwhile, Zenji Maeda can do something similar, except his Synchronize Gift lets him copy abilities from other people.


We haven’t seen much from Sojiro Sagara, but it’s safe to assume that he’ll heave the healer’s role with his Healing Gift. Agito Yuki is known as the trickster who uses his Teleport Gift to get around with swift movements.


The trailer then shows a look at the cruel system of the mysterious pillar, that will have the group select one member to kill off once they reach certain parts, to be a required “sacrifice” in order to continue on.



Lost Dimension will be released in Japan on August 7, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Pre-orders for the game also include an extra costume and an additional quest.

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