Lost Dimension Publishers Are Working On A Monster Musume Battle And Dating Game



If you’ve been wondering what FuRyu, the publishers of Lost Dimension, have been working on, they recently got the license to Monster Musume, and have been working on a new smartphone game for it.


In MonMusu Harem, you’ll get to make your own paradise of your favorite Monster Musume characters, with a total of over 250 characters. You’ll get to participate in battles, evolve the girls to make them more powerful, then go on dates after hard-fought battles.


While we’ve seen FuRyu publish or develop JRPGs like Lost Dimension and The Legend of Legacy recently, they’ve also been actively grabbing anime and manga licenses like Doraemon (which previously belonged to Sega,) Terra Formars, Cardfight!! Vanguard, and To Love-Ru, so we can expect to see more anime games from them in the near future.


MonMusu Harem will launch in Japan sometime in summer 2015 for Android and iPhone.

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