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Lost Dimension Producer Shares A Short Message About The Game



Lost Dimension is an upcoming RPG by Unchained Blades makers FuRyu, that has a visual novel-like system where your choices will determine the fate of the story and its characters. Producer Hiroyuki Abe recently shared a message for fans looking forward to the game on its official website.


Hello, I’m currently the producer of Lost Dimension, Hiroyuki Abe of FuRyu.


Lost Dimension is a completely new RPG, where friends and enemies change at random, as the developments change as you play along. With various growth and tactical features in the battle system, it’s a title that was fused from a role-playing game’s characteristics as its axis, along with the essence of a “death game’s” world.


The characters who appear in the game aren’t just involved in the life or death of the world, but they’re also putting their lives at risk, as they continue advancing through this game. After having worked with many splendid creators, the time has finally come for you all to try it out.


Please look forward to checking out the heated psychic ability-filled battles, the stages, and playing your very own story.


Lost Dimension is slated for release on August 7, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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