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Lost Dimension’s Neat Strategic Battle Features Explained



We recently got a look at Lost Dimension’s Valkyrira Chronicles-like (or Sakura Wars, as some of you have mentioned) battle system. While the previous video showed more action, FuRyu’s latest one shares more details behind the actions.


The first part shows us some of the movement and a basic attack. This is followed by the “Assist” feature that automatically occurs when an ally is nearby when you attack. Positioning is also a factor in the assisted attacks.


The “Gift” option is basically the character’s psychic abilities. Each character has their own unique Gift abilities. By acquiring “Gift Exp” in battle, new abilities can be awakened.


The “Refer” feature allows you to select one character to give their turn to another party member. The video demonstrates George using the Refer to pass his turn to Touya, but he gets his turn back from a different party member who also used his Refer action.


Using the Refer could be a great way to continuously have your strongest party member keep attacking in combat. This would also be a nice strategy to keep in mind for characters with other advantages or buffs, as well.


Then there’s the “Berserk” feature that activates when a character’s SAN (MP used for “Gifts”) runs out. When a character goes Berserk mode, they temporarily get a big boost in attack, but will attack all enemies and allies alike.


In the video, they show Himeno Akatsuki put her extra beefed-up combustive ability to use and takes out an enemy in one hit… but she also blows up a couple of her teammates, as well.


Lost Dimension is slated for release on August 7, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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