Lost Memories Lie In The Procedural Labyrinths Of Infinite Adventures

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A hero with lost memories will join a band of five other heroes, all custom-made by the player, to delve into procedurally-generated labyrinths to battle supernatural beasts and uncover their buried past in Infinite Adventures.


Players are free to customize a large party of characters, bringing six heavy-hitters into the treacherous depths. Five races and ten character classes offer a wide range of stats and fighting styles, as well as mingling over two-hundred-and-sixty skills, offering tons of variety for players to work with. With this many options, Infinite Adventures means to give players many different ways to tackle the generated dungeon.

In the depths, players will find many different monsters and bosses to clobber using their chosen abilities, as well as a handful of potential allies deep underground. They can take on some optional sidequests to help the other adventurers and people who’ve wandered down here, unlocking extra goodies that will help them find their lost path and the origins of the labyrinth itself.


Infinite Adventures is projected to release this year, according to its Steam page.

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