Lost Sphear Is About A World Created By Memories And The Journey Of Saving It From Fading

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Tokyo RPG Studio, the Square Enix studio behind I Am Setsuna, is working on a new title called Lost Sphear featuring classic RPG gameplay. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares more on its story and characters.


This world is created by memories.

As humans live on, they become memories of the planet, and that is how this world is built.

Even memories from the ancient times still remain as memories at this very moment.

And when that memory fades, so does its existence.

This is what people call “Lost.”

When something is Lost, it can no longer be retrieved from mankind’s power alone.

This was meant to be the law of nature, no matter the generation.

However, a young man with the ability to use the “power of memories” arrives to this world.

The man’s name is Kanata.

Does this mean hope for the world, or is it a new despair?

That’s something nobody knows.

But there’s no mistaking what’s to come—a journey surrounding Kanata’s memories that is about to leave a big impact on this world.


The world that Kanata, the protagonist, lives in is built by “memories.” Everything is part of a memory, and when a memory disappears so does its substance. The planet itself is no exception. Kanata, who awakened his power of memories, goes on a journey with his friends to save the world from becoming “Lost.”



When something becomes Lost, what has been forgotten is represented by a white mist known as the “Lost phenomenon.” This is where the adventure starts out. Kanata’s hometown, the Moon Bell City of El, is also in danger of vanishing.


As you can see in the bottom-right image, you’ll get to converse with party members during your trip. This ranges from small talk to important topics.



The battle system is based on I Am Setsuna’s ATB system, and you’ll get to move around during fights. Depending on the type weapon or skill’s fixed range, you’ll be able to approach enemies to try hitting as many targets as possible, so movement on the battlefield will be crucial. Its battles transition seamlessly from the field. We’ll also see more features familiar to I Am Setsuna’s in the game.


Here’s a look at some of the key characters:



Weapon: Sword


He was a normal boy who was born and raised at the Moon Bell City of El, but it was around the time the planet started seeing changes that he awakened his “power of memory” which can be used to rebuild the world. Kanata lends this power to the empire that wishes to save the world, under the condition that he gets help finding his mother who disappeared when he was a child.



Weapon: Martial Arts


Kanata’s childhood friend. Lumina drifted into the city when she was a child and was raised there ever since. She has deep feelings for Kanata.



Weapon: Bow Gun


Similar to Lumina, Locke is Kanata’s childhood friend. He’s dexterous with his hands and before he knew it he became better than adults at making weapons.



Weapon: Bit



A mysterious young man who suddenly appears before Kanata. He created a weapon called “Bit” that is controlled with magic, and it is capable in both attack and defense.


Lost Sphear is expected to release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in early 2018. It’ll release in Japan in Fall 2017. Check our previous report for more screenshots and info on the upcoming RPG.

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