Love Live! School Idol Festival Celebrates Second Anniversary With Major Update



KLab Inc. has announced that the English version of Love Live! School Idol Festival celebrated the second anniversary of its launch on May 12th, 2016. To commemorate this milestone, Klab released a large update to the English version of the app on May 16th. Additionally, a series of special events have also been planned for the anniversary.


Here’s a look at everything included in the major update from KLab Inc.


Round One – Second Anniversary Required EXP Reduction


Event Period: After maintenance ends on Friday, May 13 (UTC)

An in-app special EXP boosting event will be held to help newcomers and veterans level up more quickly. The amount of EXP required to reach Rank 100 will be reduced, giving players everywhere an excellent opportunity to increase their rank.


Round Two – Second Anniversary Login Bonus


Event Period: Tuesday, May 17 to Monday, May 23 (UTC)


For seven days starting Tuesday, May 17, all players will receive one Love Gem per day as a special login bonus. Players can earn up to seven Love Gems with this special opportunity.


Round Three – New Songs Released

The standard songs in addition to the special advance editions of the new event songs are slated for release starting in June 2016. Release dates and other details will be announced inside the app soon.



Songs Scheduled for Release


  • Shiawase yuki no SMILING! (Featuring Honoka Kosaka)


  • Zurui yo Magnetic Today (Featuring Maki Nishikino, Nico Yazawa)


  • Kururin MIRACLE (Featuring Rin Hoshizora)


  • Storm in Lover (Featuring Umi Sonoda, Eli Ayase)


  • Moshimo Kara Kitto (Featuring Nozomi Tojo)


  • Suki desu ga Suki desu ka? (Featuring Kotori Minami, Hanayo Koizumi)


  • Soshite Saigo no Page ni wa (Featuring μ’s)




Major Update Login Bonuses



Event Period: Tuesday, May 17 to Monday, May 23 (UTC)

To celebrate the addition of the new content in the game, players will receive one Love Gem or Scouting Ticket every day during the event as a special login bonus for seven days starting on Tuesday, May 17.

In addition to the second anniversary of the game’s release, fans of Love Live! School Idol Festival have something else to celebrate. The app update released on May 16 has been heralded as the largest content update for the English version of the game since its initial release in 2014. The new update introduces a suite of revisions that bring the English version of the app refreshingly close to the Japanese original―something fans of the series have been looking forward to for a long time.



Sticker Shop Added

A popular feature in the Japanese version of the game, the Sticker Shop, made its English debut in the update released yesterday. This handy feature allows players to exchange Stickers earned by letting go of R+ members (by either removing them or using them to practice with other members) for other members and items.* The new Sticker Shop gives players an opportunity to acquire limited edition members and other dream cards that were once thought lost to the annals of Love Live! history.
* Offer does not apply to certain members such as those acquired through serial codes and Alpacas.



New and Improved Home Screen

In addition to new story content, a significant portion of the update centers on the visual appeal and playability of the game. Players can expect a newly refined UI designed to give them easier access to the features and screens used most, as well as a few extra goodies to take their live performances to the next level.




The update introduces a wide variety of Titles for users to collect and show off to friends. Players can earn Titles by fulfilling certain sets of requirements that give them access to these flashy pieces of flair. This new feature lets players proudly display their support for their favorite members by showing off the Title of their choice on their profile.





The Goals feature has been improved significantly. In addition to a new icon resembling a ring of flashcards reminiscent of after school assignments, the update brings a few other changes as well. Album Rewards are now included in the new and improved version of the feature. Players can also be awarded with new Titles for completing certain Goals.



Easily the most eye-catching part of the update, players can now customize the look of their Home screen with the new Wallpaper selection system. Players can take their favorite club members to exotic locales, heartwarming holiday vistas, and more by completing certain Goals to earn new Wallpapers which are used as backgrounds for their Home screen.




Love Live! School Idol Festival is available for iOS and Adroid devices.