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LoveR Kiss Adds More Jiggles And Panty Details On Switch Over PS4; Releases In Japan February 27, 2020


PS4 dating sim LoveR by Photo Kano producer Ichiro Sugiyama is getting an updated rerelease called Lover Kiss for PS4 and Switch. Kadokawa announced its Japanese release date of February 27, 2020 with info on what’s new for LoveR Kiss, and comparisons between PS4 and Switch versions.

Kadokawa shared highlights for what’s new:

Himari Saiki (CV: Sakura Tange)

New love interest Himari Saiki added. She’s a teacher and more mature romance option with a theme of ‘experiments in love.’

Photo Sessions On Switch Handheld

You can use the Nintendo Switch version’s Handheld Mode to simulate an actual camera.

Himari added to Free Photo Sessions

You can take photographs of Himari as you would with the other girls. LoveR Kiss also adds a new Chemistry Class location to go with her.

Pair Photo Sessions

Photograph sessions with a pair of characters with cute, sexy, and other kinds of poses.

Weekly Undergarment Change

Basically a weekly undergarments schedule for the girls. They also wear “slightly sexier” underwear on the weekends, but this is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.




Switch Version

PlayStation 4 Version

Background Setting Partial backgrounds, such as distant views, are omitted Fully depicted (unchanged from LoveR)
Gyro Controls Included, with controls that lets you use like a real camera in Handheld Mode Included
Voice Input Not included Included
Keyword Conversation Unlocks Unlocked with play time Unlocked with voice input/play time
Added ‘Touch Points’ During Conversations Included, with ‘chest’ added Not included (unchanged from LoveR)
Jiggles Big Small
Undergarment Details Patterns depicted with more details Plain (unchanged from LoveR)
Weekly  Undergarment  Change Included, the girls change undergarments Monday through Friday Not included
Video Recording Not included Included


LoveR Kiss releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 27, 2020. Check our previous report to see more of the updated rerelease.

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