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LoveR Shows Off How You Can Interact With The Heroines During Photo Shoots


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Kadokawa Games has revealed new screenshots for LoveR, the latest love sim for PS4 by Photo Kano and Reco Love creator Ichiro Sugiyama, showing off its heroines in gym and swimwear attire. They also detailed how you can interact with the heroines during photo shoots. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Check out the screenshots below:

Riria Takamura (CV: Reina Kondo)

love r 1 love r 2


Romi Nakaza (CV: Yuki Takada)

love r 3 love r 4


Yumina (CV: Yumiri Hanamori)

love r 5 love r 6


Nanatsu Higadera (CV: Kanae Itou)

love r 7 love r 8


Christa Kasumi Ikuno (CV: Manaka Iwami)

love r 9 love r 10


Rinze Himenogi (CV: Yui Ishikawa)

love r 11 love r 12


Photo Session interactions

love r 13

love r 14

love r 15


During photo sessions, you can talk to the heroines by requesting them to do things like smile, or look into the camera, and more. You can also praise them and and try raise their motivation gauge, shown by the pink bar on the left. After you cross a certain threshold, they’ll become emboldened and willing to do some more daring poses. What sort of poses they can do depend on how close you are with the heroine.

That said, you need to make sure to watch the heart on the top right carefully. If it passes the limit and explodes, the girl will become too embarrassed and end the photo session. Also, when doing a sexy pose, the heroine will only take the pose for a short while before getting too embarrassed to do it any longer, so you’ll have to take your best shot before then.


LoveR releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 14, 2019. It’ll be priced at 7,980 yen plus tax.

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