Lugdunon Is Like MMORPG Maker


Lugdunon is a RPG with MMO features that can be played in your browser or through a standalone client. Players can engage in combat with NPCs or go against other players, craft or trade items, and upgrade their character’s skills using the in-game advancement system.


What makes Lungdunon unique is the standalone client allows access to a Game Master mode and the world editor. As the Game Master, you can build your own world maps and terrain, populate them with NPCs and buildings, create quests, and modify whatever you want to your heart’s desire.


modifiers ruins


Lugdunon is currently in beta. The latest version (0.7.0) includes a host of changes and additions, such as new items and recipes, a power system, support for radial menus, a new crafting discipline and more.

Tim Wee