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Luminous Avenger iX The Falcon Idol And The Leonian Tempest Adepts


isola 5

This week at Gamescom, Inti Creates released details on the next two Septima bosses that will challenge the player at the end of the stages – the grandiose Falcon idol Isola, and the tempestuous Bakto.


Isola (CV: Miku Ito)

isola 1

An Adept in possession of the “Companion” Septima.

Isola’s Septima allows her to create and control humanoid decoys and energy bits called EXSIA. When transformed, she fights by switching between her “Normal Mode” which gives her fine control over her bits, and her “Arena Mode” which greatly increases her mobility.

Isola is well-known among Adepts for using her Septima to put on grandiose concerts as one of the nation’s top performers. She’s the type to take any and every job seriously… but it seems her image of what it means to be a “serious idol” is somewhat off, especially considering the way she speaks. Even the calm and collected way she approaches her Falcon work seems to be yet another image she has conjured internally. There are few who claim to know her true nature, and rumor has it that she no longer even remembers her true personality.

In addition to directing Isola’s job as a Falcon, Sumeragi also supports her idol work from behind the scenes. They hope to convert some of Lola’s secret Adept fanbase.


Here is a look at some of her attacks below:

isola 2 isola 3

isola 4 isola 5

isola 6 isola 7


Copen earns the Muse’s Kiss EX Weapon from Isola, which fires energy projectiles shaped like Lola. If charged, the projectiles become that of Lola’s Muse form and has piercing properties:

isola 8


Bakto (CV: Atsushi Tanaka)

bakto 1

An Adept in possession of the “Spiral” Septima.

Bakto’s Septima can unleash a torrent of spiral energy upon opponents and use the same energy to divert enemy attacks. On its face, “Spiral” is a simple ability, but it possesses offence, defense, and speed in equal measure, making Bakto a dangerous opponent.

Bakto was once in charge of lower-ranking mafia recruits before his Family was torn apart by in-fighting. When the dust settled, Bakto had the most clout among the surviving members, and the Family quickly reorganized beneath him. Sumeragi took advantage of the confusion, and in a power-play to recruit Bakto as a Falcon, caught most of the Family in a large-scale operation. Bakto now works for Sumeragi as a Falcon, under the promise that his Family will be released if he complies.

While Bakto is immensely adoredby his subordinates, he does not feel fit to lead them. He intends to relinquish his position as soon as he can revive the Family.


Here are his attacks below:

bakto 2 bakto 3

bakto 4 bakto 5

bakto 6


Copen gains the Rising Cyclone EX Weapon from Bakto, and it summons a spiral tornado that can attack above and below Copen. It can also be used as a mid-air jump:

bakto 7


You can check out the previous Septima, Rebellio and Crimm, here; and Stella and Dystnine here.


Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 26, 2019. It’ll be priced $14.99.

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