Lupin the Third Cat’s Eye Crossover Anime Announced

Lupin the Third Cat's Eye

TMS Entertainment announced a new Lupin the Third and Cat’s Eye crossover anime series, which will debut sometime in 2023. The Amazon Original anime series will be available globally, exclusively through Amazon’s Prime Video streaming platform. A new teaser trailer also showed off the upcoming series’ stylized 3D animation. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

In 2023, both Lupin the Third and Cat’s Eye will be celebrating their 50th and 40th anniversaries, respectively. Lupin the Third follows the titular protagonist and international gentleman thief Lupin III and his band of fellow criminals. Though lesser known outside of Japan, Cat’s Eye also started as a manga series and follows three sisters who work together as art thieves. Both franchises have seen significant popularity in Japan, receiving various anime and movie adaptations across their near half-century-long run.

Lupin the Third Cat's Eye

Titled Lupin the Third VS Cat’s Eye, the anime series will be set in 1980s Japan, at the same time period as Cat’s Eye‘s serialization. Directing the series are Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita. Shizuno has previously worked on the recent Detective Conan movies, as well as the past three CG-animated Godzilla films alongside Seshita. Seshita also previously worked at Square Enix. Voicing Lupin will be Yoshiyuki Kurita, who also voiced the character in Lupin III: The First.

You can check out the Lupin the Third VS Cat’s Eye trailer below:

Lupin the Third VS Cat’s Eye will be streaming exclusively worldwide via Prime Video, starting sometime in 2023. There is no confirmed release date.

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