The Much Awaited Lusamine Will Join the Roster of Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX Lusamine

Pokemon Sun and Moon antagonist and President of the Aether Foundation, Lusamine, will be joining the roster for Pokemon Masters EX. She will be soon be among the possible Trainers and their signature Pokemon you can recruit, appearing alongside the Ultra Beast Pheromosa. However, outside of the announcement for the Lusamine Pokemon Masters EX debut, no specific launch date has been disclosed.

However, the official Pokemon Masters EX Twitter did share a video of Lusamine and Pheromosa’s Sync Move. You can watch the animation for Motherly Love Savage Spin-Out below:

Additionally, the official Twitter did tease an upcoming event that will feature her. Lusamine, Gladion, and Lillie will join forces in the The Family Ties storyline. However, just like how Lusamine was teased, no date has been announced for this upcoming event. In the video Gladion was shown with Type Null and Lilie was shown fighting with a Clefairy.

Pokemon Masters has recently changed its name to Pokemon Masters EX to celebrate the one year anniversary of the mobile game. To celebrate the occasion Sygna Suit Red has returned to the Sync Pair Scout for a limited time. In addition to this Sygna Suit Blue and Leaf have also been added to individual banners for the one year anniversary.

Pokemon Masters EX is immediately available for Android and iOS devices. The Lusamine Pokemon Masters event is on the way.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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