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In an interview with DenFamiNicoGamer, M2 announced that the latest M2 Shot Triggers game, Cave shmup ESP Ra.De., is not only headed to PlayStation 4 but also Nintendo Switch as well, with a targeted late 2019 release. This makes the game the first Shot Triggers series title to be available on Switch.


The game is set to be sold digitally, in a physical version with a first-print bonus, and a Limited Edition. Currently, M2 is collecting ideas on what to include as part of the first-print bonus via this Tweet here, and if your idea is used, your Twitter handle will be included in the Special Thanks section in the credits.


If you take a look at the left side of the UI in the image above, you’ll see that a certain section is blurred out. That’s the ‘Gadget’ section, ie. extra counters and functions added as extra features. Back in January, M2 collected ideas on what to add to this section via Twitter much like they are currently doing, and in the interview they revealed some of the extra features.


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For example, one idea from a fan was to show off the in-game time, as the game takes place from December 24-25, 2018 canonically. It’s a neat little gadget that can heighten immersion with the game. This particular gadget has gotten some oversight from “Joker” Junya Inoue, the character designer of the game who also had creative input.


Additionally, M2 revealed that they have added extra features both for new players coming in via character popularity, and score chasers.


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On this aspect, they were contacted by ESP Ra.De. world record holder Clover-TAC, who proceeded to give a few suggestions of their own that ended up being used for the rerelease.


M2 Shot Triggers ESP Ra.De. is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in late 2019.

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