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Mad Father Remake Will Release for Switch and PC via Steam in Fall 2020

Mad Father remake for Switch and PC via Steam Fall 2020

The classic horror adventure game Mad Father will get another rerelease, and this time it will be a remake coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in Fall 2020. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Check out the trailer for the Mad Father remake from publisher PLAYISM below:

The Mad Father remake is based on the game that released in 2012 by developer Sen. You take on the role of Aya Drevis, a young girl who avoids getting too close to her father’s “research.” As Aya, you must explore the family manor and survive through the night using any means necessary to escape from the corpses and other horrors.

The remake will feature improved character visuals and stills along with widescreen support. It will also include a new “Blood Mode” for your second playthrough as well as new scenarios.

Here are some of the new additions:

  • Graphical improvements (characters, maps, stills)
  • Events added
  • New maps
  • Gamepad support
  • Noise filter function (can be turned off)
  • Added Mission, Help, and Option to the menu screen
  • Controller mapping added
  • Voices added (more variation to the father’s laugh)

Here are some of the additional episodes:

  • A recollection of the Blonde-haired Youth and the Drevis house.
  • A secret about Aya’s mother and the Drevis house that is revealed in Blood Mode.
  • Play as a new protagonist in Blood Mode, where you’ll follow the curse of the Drevis house.

Mad Father is available for PC via Steam. The Mad Father remake will release for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in Fall 2020, or sometime “around Halloween time.”

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