A Young Girl Must Flee Cruel Experiments In Horror Exploration Game Mad Father



he updated re-release of Mad Father pits a young girl, Aya, against the fruits of her father’s unsettling research, having her explore, hide, and use items to stay alive.



Aya will need to avoid the corpses that roam the game’s areas, as any contact with them will cost her stamina. If she loses enough, she will also lose her life. Corpses with weapons are far more dangerous, though, and any contact with them will end the game.


Aya doesn’t have many ways to fight back, either. She can use a few items to move around the environment, such as chain saws that will let her cut through barriers. She can also engage in short active time events, hitting correct inputs to escape dangers.




Depending on how players get through the game, they’ll receive one of three different endings.


Mad Father was previously released as a free horror game several years ago. This re-release, available now on Steam and Playism, offers some new art, different events, improved play elements, and new music. It also shuffles some of the items to different locations to add new challenge for those who played the original.

Alistair Wong
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