Made In Abyss Nanachi and Faputa Figures Are In Development

Made in Abyss Faputa Nanachi figure

Good Smile Company is developing two Made in Abyss figures of Nanachi and Faputa. The company shared two illustrations used as the basis for the figures. There is no confirmed price or release window. More information about the figures will release in at a later date.

The two figures appeared at Good Smile Company’s Smile Fest Vol. 2 event. While we didn’t get to see what the figures will look like, we did get to see the illustrations. Both Faputa and Nanachi will be based on their appearances in the anime adaptation. Pop Up Parade is Good Smile Company’s budget line of figures. Figures in this line are usually available around the $40 price range.

Previously, Nanachi also appeared as a Nendoroid. Good Smile Company has also sold Nendoroids of Riko and Reg, as well as other figures of characters from the series. The Faputa Pop Up Parade figure, however, will be the first figure of the character from Good Smile Company.

Additionally, Good Smile Company also unveiled various other figures in development at the event. This includes a Skullgirls Valentine Nendoroid, as well as prototype Nendoroids of Hades’ Zagreus and Undertale’s Sans and Papyrus.

The Made in Abyss Nanachi and Faputa Pop Up Parade figures are in development. There is no confirmed release date or price. Season 2 of Made in Abyss will air sometime in 2022.

Andrew Kiya
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