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Magical Headgear Makes For Charming Platforming With A Hat In Time


A Hat in Time will have players stitching an array of different hats for themselves to gain useful powers that will let them traverse the 3D platformer’s wild, vibrant, cheerful lands.

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A Hat in Time follows the spacefaring Hat Kid, who has found herself trapped on a varied world after her starship loses its fuel, the Time Pieces, which has become scattered on this planet. The Time Pieces are all over the place, and to get them back, players will have to platform through perilous landscapes, leading bands through their music, solving murders on a train, and helping out wherever they can.

Hat Kid is more than capable of getting around these locations, able to do several types of jump, swing over gaps, and climb up walls. When those powers aren’t enough, players can help her by collecting magic yarn that can be made into a variety of different helpful hats. These will let Hat Kid cook explosive potions with the Witch Hat, peer into alternate worlds with the Ghost Hat, and more. Not only this, but players can add collectible badges to their hats to increase their power even further.


A Hat in Time’s five worlds of cute platforming and collectibles are available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Alistair Wong
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