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Mahoutsukai no Yoru Release Date Revealed, English Support Planned

Mahoutsukai no Yoru release date

The HD edition of Mahoutsukai no Yoru has a release date set for December 2022 in Japan. The announcement from developer Type-Moon and publisher Aniplex also came with good news for international fans: The release will support English- and Chinese-language (both Traditional and Simplified) subtitles. The announcement did not specify if the added language support would be available at launch or added later via patch, DLC, or in the form of localized regional releases. [Thanks, PR Times!]

In addition to the release date, Aniplex showed off some Mahoutsukai no Yoru art, as well as the game’s logo.


Mahoutsukai no Yoru

Mahoutsukai no Yoru, also known as Mahoyo or Witch on the Holy Night, is a visual novel based on the 1996 story by Type-Moon co-founder Kinoko Nasu. The story laid the groundwork for the setting of many key Type-Moon releases like Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night. It stars Aoko Aozaki, the mentor of Tsukihime protagonist Tohno Shiki, and explores her high school years as a budding mage. Initially an outsider to the secretive world of magecraft, she lives and trains with taciturn girl Alice Kuonji.

The upcoming rerelease aims to add technical improvements and new features to the original 2012 PC edition of Mahoutsukai no Yoru. These include HD-resolution artwork and full voice acting. With additional languages officially confirmed, Mahoutsukai no Yoru will be the first major Type-Moon visual novel to receive an official localization. To date, Type-Moon’s best-known works, Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night, do not have official localizations for their source games, though anime and manga adaptations, as well as spinoffs like Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Extra, have been released globally.

Type-Moon’s press release confirmed the voice cast, as well.

  • Aoko Aozaki is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna in Sword Art Online, M4A1 in Girls’ Frontline)
  • Soujuuroh Shizuki is voiced by Yuusuke Kobayashi (Senku in Dr. Stone, Subaru in Re: Zero)
  • Alice Kuonji is voiced by Kana Hanazawa (Mayushii in Steins;Gate, Red Blood Cell in Cells At Work!)
  • Tobimaru Tsukiji is voiced by Toshinari Fukamachi (Hajime in Arifureta, Genbu in [email protected] SideM)
  • Kojika Kumari is voiced by Chika Anzai (Nina in O Maidens in Your Savage Season, Hanabi in Scum’s Wish)
  • Hosuke Kinomi is voiced by Shohei Kajikawa (Kendo Rappa in My Hero Academia)

Mahoutsukai no Yoru has a December 2022 release date in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. A movie adaptation is also in production.

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