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Make Your Own Cappy With This Super Mario Odyssey Papercraft


cappy 1

Nintendo recently shared a papercraft printout sheet that can be cut out and made into your own enemy-possessing Cappy, from Super Mario Odyssey.


cappy 3


After using a bit of hands-on work and a bit of glue, the papercraft should end up around 7cm in width, assuming you print it out on A4 paper. Nintendo sent out an instructions guide along with the papercraft sheet as well.



instructions pt1


1. Cut out all the parts along the solid lines from the sheet. Make sure that the red lines are cut as well.


instructions pt2


2. Fold the dotted lines on the above part outward (with the red side facing up). Next, add glue to the blue areas and stick them to the inside bottom of the middle area. Alternatively, use tape.


instructions pt3


3. Fold the dotted lines outward. Make sure to fold the line with alternating dashes and dots inwards instead. Afterwards, glue/stick the blue area, like in Step 2.


instructions pt4


4. For the above part, first stick Blue area 1 below Blue area 2, then stick Blue area 2 on the opposite edge.


instructions pt5


5. First fold the yellow sides on the lower piece inwards. Then follow the number order of sticking the upper and lower pieces together, by applying glue/tape to the blue sides.


instructions pt6


6. Stick the part from Step 3 to the combined piece from Step 6, following the number order.


instructions pt7


7. Turn the product from Step 6 around and attack the lower piece shown above, in number order.


instructions pt8


8. Turning the entire piece around, stick the ends of lower piece together, and also stick it to the sides of the top area.


instructions pt9


9. Fold the flaps on the bottom piece shown above inwards, along the dotted and dashed line. Stick on the lower piece, staying centred by using the above triangle as a midway point.


instructions pt10


10. Finally, stick the eyes on! Cappy, complete!


cappy 2

Instructions unclear – foot stuck in fishtank.


Super Mario Odyssey is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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