Make Everyone Happy In New (Slightly Creepy) “Hugventure” Dropsy

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Dropsy is a “hugventure.” It is exactly as that sounds: an adventure in which you hug as many people and animals as possible. But there’s a problem. Of course there is.


Dropsy is a clown and he isn’t exactly a cute-looking one. Plus, he’s become somewhat of an urban legend around the town that he lives nearby. So when he wobbles up to people and tries to hug them they’re not exactly receptive to the idea.


It’s a tale of redemption, then. Controlling Dropsy and his animal friends, you need to find a way to cheer everyone up, usually using the items you can find in the environment. As this is a wordless game, you won’t be told what people want directly, but they’ll give you a rough idea by the illustrated emoticons.


Work it out, find the right item, and then make them happy so they’ll give Dropsy a great big hug. And, honestly, although Dropsy does look quite creepy, he’s actually one of the most innocent and loving characters you’ll find in fiction. He’s a sweetheart.


You can purchase Dropsy for Windows and Mac on Steam, GOG, and

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