New iOS game Sunburn is surprisingly cute with its little pixels considering how grim it is.


After your spaceship was destroyed by a comet, your crew were scattered around space, drifting away to their deaths. There’s no way for any of you to get home – you’re all as good as dead.


But, as the captain you’ve decided that no one should have to die alone. So, in this hopeless situation, you decide to round up as many of your crew as possible, so that you can then die together by heading into the sun.


Doing this requires that you use your jetpack and the gravitational pull of nearby planets and suns to propel yourself around space. You have to be careful to not run out of oxygen or to leave any of your crew to drift to get out of reach by tethering them to you.


As you dodge comets and navigate asteroid fields across the game’s 50+ levels, you’ll get attached to the other astronauts, catstronauts, and the crew’s dog called Moosetracks.


You can purchase Sunburn for $2.99 on the iOS App Store. There more information on its website.

Chris Priestman

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